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Examples of recent workshops:

• Organisational Transformation - An appreciation from a people perspective

• Innovation in e-Commerce - Supply Chain business models and new start-ups

• International Expansion - An entry into Russia

• Continuous Improvement - Japanese history and applying their models today

• Circular Economy - It's time to talk rubbish


As a certified professional trainer, able to draw on international business experience, I design and deliver a wide variety of individual and team development trainings based on my core beliefs.

Engagement and Challenge

People are the answer, so engagement and challenge are at the heart of every training.

Learning and the Individual 

Learning is a form of individual transformation; Allowing for different learning preferences and placing the individual experience at the heart of training provides the space for transformation to take place. 

Learning and the Team 

Team transformation occurs when individuals share learning experiences. Training provides a safe environment and an opportunity to achieve lasting positive impact on team effectiveness.

Authenticity and Stories

It is important to train with authenticity, active engagement and humour. Personal experience of relevant real-life business cases, and sharing the inspiring stories behind them, bring the subjects to life.  

A Tailored Approach

A shared understanding of unique business context and the company culture is needed in order to develop specific training proposals that are directly relevant, practical and effective. 

Results and Rewards

A focus on results is essential, a lesson learned from an extensive business background and never forgotten.

The most effective learning result is for the individual and team to develop their own solutions to fit their environment.

The shared reward is always to witness the moment of realisation in someone that they have the ability and the opportunity to influence their situation positively.

A Workshop Approach

For interactive workshops to be effective they must always work on several levels; clear learning goals, something for all (learning preferences), interactivity, individual inspiration, positive group dynamics and memorable stories. 

    The Next Step

    So, whether you have a specific training requirement, or are looking for training advice, feel free to contact me for a discussion, without obligation.

    Change Management 

    Achieving successful change in business can be complex and difficult. However, there are many proven strategies that we can follow to increase the chance of success.

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    What do you really want to achieve?

    It’s a simple question but very difficult to answer. Therefore, we tend to ignore it and fill our time doing what we think others want of us.

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    Project Management

    With more than 20 years’ experience as Program and Project Manager (PMP certified) successfully delivering information systems and organizational change projects in international, multicultural environments, I can help.

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