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What do you really want to achieve?

It’s a simple question but very difficult to answer. Therefore, we tend to ignore it and fill our time doing what we think others want of us.

Finding your Goal

Coaching is a discipline that can assist individuals and teams in the realisation of their goals, but first you need to know what your goal is.

As a coach we use the Ultimate Game PlanTM coaching method which enables individuals and teams to become aware of their business and life goals and to define their ‘game plan’ to achieve them. 

A Step by Step Algorithm to create your 'Game Plan'

Through following a step by step coaching algorithm, the individual is encouraged to clearly define their goals and to articulate their personal motivation to achieve them. Subsequent steps allow them to understand their unique identity through analyzing their own capabilities and beliefs about themselves and others. This process allows them to identify their personal challenges and strategies they can adopt in order to define and achieve their ‘game plan’.

Individual or Groups

In individual coaching situations, the end result is an increase in self awareness and an effective personalized plan for action, whilst in group situations, such as teams under transformation in the corporate sector, the results have been a significant positive empowerment of those involved to demonstrate personal ownership of their individual and team change situation. 

It goes without saying that a relationship of trust with each client and individual is key. 

Transformation Support

The Ultimate Game PlanTM is an excellent basis for individual and team coaching under Transformation. In addition the MIRRATM assessment tool has been developed in order to support teams that are experiencing transformation. This tool (based on questionnaire and graphic reporting), delivers clear insights into a team's assessment of their 'Self Value' and 'Valued Value'. The resulting reports enable teams and leaders to have the meaningful conversations on directions and actions needed to progress.

Time Efficient

Ultimate Game PlanTM team workshops can be completed time efficiently based on 2 consecutive half day (pm + am) sessions.

The Next Step

If you would like to know more about Ultimate Game PlanTM coaching for individual and team development, do not hesitate to contact me for a conversation, without obligation.


Change Management 

Achieving successful change in business can be complex and difficult. However, there are many proven strategies that we can follow to increase the chance of success.

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As a certified professional trainer, able to draw on international business experience, I design and deliver a wide variety of individual and team development trainings based on several core beliefs.

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Project Management

With more than 20 years’ experience as Program and Project Manager (PMP certified) successfully delivering information systems and organizational change projects in international, multicultural environments, I can help.

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