Lead Technical Architect Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK

'What sets Jonathan apart from the crowd is his engaging approach and enthusiasm that he consistently demonstrates despite the pressure relating and demanding programs and strategies. He really is a person who is a pleasure to work with, transparent (no hidden agendas), goal orientated but focused on the well being of individuals and the team, a rare combination in today’s industry.'


Director Corporate Planning IATA

‘I found Jonathan to be an excellent IT partner, fully understanding the business, proactive in thinking of solutions ..and having a very calm and methodical approach. An asset to any .. Project team.’


Alliance Global Director Renault Nissan Alliance

‘A real business professional with a great drive to achieve business goals. He is a true team player and is able to manage projects of a complex, cross cultural and cross functional nature.’


Logistics Performance Manager Renault Group

‘His unique blend of great interpersonal skills, combining multicultural sense of humour, active listening and quick understanding of key elements and people.’


General Manager Nissan Trading Europe

'Fits the bill. He is a highly engaged leader who is well regarded and valued. We miss his great sense of humor.'


EMEA Service Delivery Manager Nissan Europe SAS

'A very broad set of soft competencies which makes him a high contributor wherever he works.
He is an excellent team leader, good listener and he is very aware of the political issues. always a reference person for all his peers but also for Senior Management.
Combined with his positive attitude in front of challenges makes him a great asset for any organization willing to change and transform.'


Department Head of IT Support Vivat

'He can be described as a teamplayer with a high quality to engage stakeholders of all kinds. On a personal level I have appreciated his humor... Needless to say that I highly recommend Jonathan.'


Finance and Accounting Nissan Europe SAS

'He has a great personality and I know that everyone respects him for his knowledge of the Business and his Management skills. He also is very much appreciated for his speeches which always show a great commitment to his staff and are written with a good sense of humor.'


IT Manager Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK

'A professional, pragmatic and endearing leader. His diplomacy and drive ensures the programmes he has led have been successful. I would recommend Jonathan for change lead roles and hope our paths cross in the future.'


Manager Cost and Strategic Planning Nissan Europe SAS

'He is a pragmatic project manager, with the experience to successfully manage complex projects.. with the experience to identify and address challenges before they jeopardise project deliverables. He is also genuinely likeable individual, who manages with respect and empathy.'


GM Manufacturing/SCM Systems Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK

'Continually demonstrates enthusiasm and professionalism within every endeavor he undertakes. Excellent Project and Change Management skills .. his business acumen is also second to none.'


Business Transformation Louwman Group

'A true professional with a great drive to achieve goals. showed strong leadership skills during transformation process of Nissan`s European IS department which has been finalized successfully. a great communicator with a very good sense of humor, always very positive, motivational and gets the best out of an individual or team.'


GM Business Development Suhail Buhwan Nissan

'I can highly recommend him as a professional with a clear understanding of business goals and team management and with the skills, discipline, creativity and persistence to achieve them.'


EMEA IT Program Manager Amazon

'Worked with Jonathan during my time as stream lead for transformational training. He was always a patient, experienced and knowledgeable sounding board for my ideas and team. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend or work with again.'


Business Analyst Braincap

'Working for him and with him is always a pleasure and it motivated me and our colleagues to grow in our skills. He is always looking for the positive and that motivates us to do the same.'


Solution Architect

'Highly recommend Jonathan to organizations that face challenges and transitions caused by business paradigm change from ‘doing digital’ to ‘being digital’ Í also recommend Jonathan as an senior advisor or lead in business transitions.'


Change Management 

Achieving successful change in business can be complex and difficult. However, there are many proven strategies that we can follow to increase the chance of success.

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As a certified professional trainer, able to draw on international business experience, I design and deliver a wide variety of individual and team development trainings based on several core beliefs.

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What do you really want to achieve?

It’s a simple question but very difficult to answer. Therefore, we tend to ignore it and fill our time doing what we think others want of us.

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