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Business simulation leads to real insights

Learning through experiencing business simulation is fun and can lead to real insights as well as understanding of the value of communication and teamwork.
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Organisational Transformation Case Study

Invited to deliver a 2-day workshop at ISG international Business School in Paris based around practical strategies for effecting an organisational transformation (change) within an international organisation.
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Inspiring 'Busy' Workshop in Amsterdam

Really enjoyed this morning's workshop with Tony Crabbe, author of Busy, looking at practical strategies for us all to achieve productivity in the modern world.
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The Last Mile as a Focus for Innovation

Once more it was a pleasure to be invited to ISG International Business School in Paris to lead a 3-day MBA innovation workshop based around the challenges presented by the ‘Last Mile’ of e-commerce and omnichannel supply chains.
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Transformational Leadership Group Coaching

Privileged to have worked as accrediting co-coach with Rob Hudson of Sentient Coaching UK to deliver Transformational Leadership group coaching sessions to support the Digital Transformation of a Fortune Global 100 manufacturer with a strong UK presence.

These sessions, based on the Ultimate Game PlanTM coaching algorithm, were organized as part of the Digital Transformation Programme and run on an internal team basis.

The objective was to build team trust and value whilst triggering each individual to identify their personal goals and create their own transformation leadership game plan.

Baseline assessments of each team’s view of their self-value were established prior to each session through individual input of feedback into the MIRRATM tool. 

During the group coaching sessions, significant personal insights were shared, and meaningful individual game plans were created.

At the conclusion, an analysis of the MIRRA assessments was incorporated into a reflection of the team’s post session estimation of their self-value.

In each case it was clear that the sessions had resulted in an overall increase in the sense of team value and increased awareness of individual and team capabilities to positively influence the Transformation. 

Once again the Ultimate Game PlanTM coaching algorithm proved it’s value as a group coaching mechanism capable of delivering a powerful combination of plans for personal leadership and stronger team bonds. 


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Change Management 

Achieving successful change in business can be complex and difficult. However, there are many proven strategies that we can follow to increase the chance of success.

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As a certified professional trainer, able to draw on international business experience, I design and deliver a wide variety of individual and team development trainings based on several core beliefs.

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MARK STEELE Director Corporate Planning IATA

‘I found Jonathan to be an excellent partner, fully understanding the business, proactive in thinking of solutions .. and having a very calm and methodical approach. An asset to any project team.’

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