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Hello, my name is Jonathan Davies and here's why this website exists:

The Problem  

Many businesses facing the challenge of ‘Digital Transformation’ recognise (correctly) that their organisations also need to transform.

The large consultancies supporting Digital Programs offer additional support to direct businesses towards a standard blueprint of a successful digital organisation.

However, this doesn't always allow for the unique culture of a business. A standard approach might work well for Digital (IT) issues, but the same ‘blueprint’ approach is not the best way to create the unique future organisation of teams and individuals.

A more effective and efficient approach is required.

The Answer

Change is most effective when it respects the culture of an organisation and the people that work within it. 

Successful organisational change comes from within and depends on the individuals and teams transforming themselves to own their changed situation and drive the results. 

This isn’t a plea for anarchy. The process still needs careful planning and support but we are here to help you create and drive this process.

The Goal

To help each business to achieve the successful transformation through releasing the potential of their people.


It starts with a conversation to understand your unique situation and what you want to achieve. 

We can then recommend  tailored services, built around change management, coaching, and training, to facilitate and support any, or every step, of the journey. 

We are here to help but the most important thing is that the journey will be yours.

What Next?

Would you like to talk about transformation in any area of your business? 

Feel free to contact me

There’s no obligation, I’m a good listener and here to support.


"People are the answer, what is your question?"

Change Management 

Achieving successful change in business can be complex and difficult. However, there are many proven strategies that we can follow to increase the chance of success.

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As a certified professional trainer, able to draw on international business experience, I design and deliver a wide variety of individual and team development trainings based on several core beliefs.

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MARK STEELE Director Corporate Planning IATA

‘I found Jonathan to be an excellent partner, fully understanding the business, proactive in thinking of solutions .. and having a very calm and methodical approach. An asset to any project team.’

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